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Photo Gallery


CC = Calico Critters

EU = European

JP = Japanese

UK = United Kingdom

US = United States / North America

Wedding Sets Wedding Sets US Sweetwater Wedding Couple Morris and Kelsey 22685152 US Marmalade Wedding Couple 24351479 UK Hedges Wedding Couple Edward and Primrose 198493690 US Windward Wedding Couple Hickory and Lily 33280408 UK Brighteyes Wedding Couple Tommy and Louisa 65733246 UK Honeydew Wedding Couple Hugo and Hermione 82487678 UK Butterglove Wedding Couple Jonathan and Tabitha 177302898 JP Slydale Wedding Couple 202644061 CC Buttercup Wedding Couple 22685157 UK Solitaire Cat Wedding Party 177302896 UK Cream Cat Wedding Set (TOMY) 203782810 UK Fellini Wedding Set Dillon and Tilly 205315027 CC Caroline Cottontail Bride 22960488 JP Blue Snowbunny Bride 203783039 CC Wedding Day Set 143252137 JP Ivory Rabbit Wedding Set 181183096 UK Royal Celebration Wedding Set Groom William and Bride Catherine, Pageboy James, Bridesmaids Louise and Amelia, and Reverend Kelvin Waters. 143252136 UK Bridesmaid Set Melody and Mimi Snowbunny 82487682 Pippa Bridesmaid and Peter Pageboy 90222831 UK Bridesmaids Set Olivia and Charlotte Brighteyes 181183097 Wedding Photographer Set Cecil Maces 203782811