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About Me

I first fell in love with Sylvanian Families in 1986 when I was 12 years old. I was given $5 for my spending at Toys R Us. I saw the adorable forest dwellers and immediately knew I had to have them. Since I only had enough to buy one figure, I started with Rocky Babblebrook, the gray rabbit father. Shortly after that, I collected the rest of the Babblebrook family and then the rest was history. My brother and I had a total of 14 families by 1990. By then, Sylvanian Families was fading away and it was getting harder to find them in stores. It wasn't until 1993 that I found them again in stores under a different name - Calico Critters of Cloverleaf Corners. I got a few more families before I got too busy with my life.

I didn't begin collecting again until June 2008 when I re-discovered Sylvanian Families on the internet. Thanks to internet shopping and Ebay, my collection has grown rapidly.  

Now I am showing my collection to all the fans who enjoy this hobby.






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